Our History

Finally, the dream has been turned into a reality!

LucyCooks is our biggest and most adventurous project (to date!) Not so much a whim, more a dream!

Whilst we all love watching cookery programmes and gorgeous celebrity chefs, more often than not we don’t actually ‘cook’ or relay the passion to the next generation. We also forget what pleasures cooking can afford us and our families. Food is, after all, the thing we can share with others without limitations or boundaries … and so LucyCooks was born.

For quite some time I wanted to create somewhere that was welcoming to all age groups and abilities to both learn to cook and to increase their knowledge of food and its origins – whether you have a little or a lot of experience you will find that there really is something for everyone at LucyCooks. I decided that I should get on with it several years ago when my husband Brian decided he wanted to learn how to cook. When I suggested he enrolled on a college course, he wasn’t impressed. He said he’d spent his childhood trying to escape from a classroom and certainly didn’t want to go back. It gave me the idea of creating somewhere we could inspire rather than educate people. I wanted to give people the opportunity to indulge themselves and enjoy their cooking in a relaxed environment.

“Food is essential to our lives but sometimes cooking the evening meal can seem like drudgery, I want to rekindle our enthusiasm for cooking and take people outside the standard repertoire of 20 dishes. It’s about having the confidence to try things you might not otherwise have tried. We’ve had people at the cookery school who’ve never picked up a potato peeler in their lives but go home brimming with ideas and that’s what it’s all about, taking home what you learn and sharing it with family and friends.”

Eating and drinking are the reasons we survive generation after generation – let’s ensure that we don’t allow ourselves to ‘starve’ by not continuing the trend…