How do you consider a day in the kitchen? We want to show you that it is an alternative and pleasurable activity to undertake, whatever your age or experience.

For some, cooking is a pastime that is relaxing and a world away from their ‘daytime’ job … for others it is a way of demonstrating your feelings for another person or people. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy … well, boys, I’ll let you into a secret – it’s the way to a lady’s heart too! There is research that says that couples who cook together stay together and even if you’ve never set foot in that part of the house, you’d be surprised at the pleasure it brings for many years to come.

LucyCooks is so much more than a ‘Cookery School’ – it’s a place of inspiration, a place to meet new people and experience new feelings – to reawaken the senses and to give you more confidence to broaden an existing repertoire of dishes. Whatever it does for you, I can guarantee that the experience will send you away with more than you bargained for, whether it’s food or ideas, it really is great ‘take home value’.

The very name ‘Cookery School’ makes for an interesting debate, because, unlike the concept of ‘restaurant’ which conjures up an image that to most is universally recognised i.e. it’s a place where people go to eat, they order/eat/pay and leave – the basic format is the same but the content may vary – i.e. between Michelin and McDonald’s! However, when people hear the words Cookery School then the image formed is poles apart – some people imagine it’s only a place for professional chefs to come to, whilst others think it’s a place of education, then there’s the thought that you have to sign up for weeks on end and be held to ransom. There are many variations and it is important to know exactly where LucyCooks falls with regard to these, especially when understanding the best way to encourage prospective attendees to venture through the door!

LucyCooks has a whole variety of one day practical courses and demonstrations that have been created for EVERYONE – be they on their own, wishing to spend the time with friends, family, colleagues or children. There really is a course for all reasons and all seasons … (there are a few other bits in-between designed for alternative and occasional markets, such as Demo and Tastes, Demo and Dine, Technical Days and such like). Incidentally, on the subject of children’s courses… our dedicated Cool4Kids series has finished for this year, however, we do encourage young people over 12 to come and join any of the courses on offer or to come and cook with another family member or friend. For those under 12 then we would suggest our Family Fun Days, or Mums and Sons, Dads and Daughters … you’d be surprised at how many people really enjoy the whole experience of spending the day together without the pressures of every day life.

We hope to bring you closer to some of our philosophy regarding food – that it can be fun and simple, that creating something for someone else is one of the greatest gifts and also to encourage you to think about where the food comes from and how it makes it from the pasture to the plate, the ocean to the pan. To ‘think and buy local’ and to sustain everything that we have for our future generations and that farming – whether it’s meat, fish or vegetables can live happily side by side with nature and the creation of beautiful tasty dishes – we need to recognise and preserve the best for future generations – after all, we are custodians of the land and of the recipes of the future.

I can think of nothing more pleasurable than spending a whole day indulging in uninterrupted cooking … and I hope that you will too.